Time Clocks

Time Clock technology has been integrated into the very heart of Zambion which is a key differentiator between our competitors and us. Time and Attendance information can be captured via our Time Clocks using either biometric (fingerprints) or swipe cards and are perfect for worksites with a high staff count coming and going from the same location. Time and Attendance reports can be downloaded in real-time providing you with all the necessary information to help you proactively manage your workforce.

Zambion can easily handle situations such as:

Staff forgetting to clock in and out

Staff moving between departments

Staff moving between physical locations

Single Point Staff Registration Smart Replication

Real-time alerts (no show, late arrival, no go)

No firewall port configuration required

Capturing work codes job costing codes

Detail audit reporting

Smart rounding based on roster start end times

Zambion's customers have utilised Time Clock technology as a proven method to reduce payroll costs and timesheet fraud.

Cost savings of 5-15% of total payroll are not uncommon.

Why Zambion Time Clocks?

Time Clocks are a proven way to reduce cost and timesheet fraud, but just as importantly, they are a great way to improve accuracy and streamline the payroll process.

With the increased importance of ensuring the health and safety of your staff, Zambion Time Clocks allow you to actively manage your workforce with real-time alerts. This means that if an employee hasn't clocked in or out for any reason, an email or SMS can be sent to their manager notifying them of the situation. Alerts such as Late-Arrivals can also be configured to ensure staff arrive safely to work, particularly if they are required to travel to remote locations, such as retail stores or other work sites.

Furthermore, Zambion Time Clocks offer a “Single Registration” point so staff can be registered on one terminal and their details will automatically replicate to all the other Time Clocks. This means staff can be registered via their induction process by HR and then can clock in on a different terminal on their first day at work (ie. Maybe a retail store, factory, or different branch).

Capturing and tracking time and attendance data has never been so easy!

Zambion uses the latest Time Clock technology to provide a truly seamless process from time capture to payroll. If required, Zambion Time Clocks can utilise the mobile cellular phone network or can be configured using Wi-Fi to produce a truly mobile Time Clock solution.

For customers who prefer to use Smartcards, Zambion can have your smartcards individually printed in full colour with your company brand, staff member's name, title and photo.