Remuneration and Rewards

Zambion’s remuneration tools and functionality provides improved visibility of remuneration data and allows you to automate time intensive tasks. With our easy to use online system, base salary increments, short term incentives and bonuses are easily uploaded and back pays are made simple using our automatic Back Pay Calculator. Our unique point-in-time reporting engine allows remuneration reports to be printed “as at” a specific point in time, with reporting functionality encompassing all modules including payroll, rostering, time and attendance, leave, and HRM so you are able to get a full overview of an employee’s history when remuneration reviews arise.

Remuneration and Rewards Features at a Glance

Easily manage remuneration and rewards from one location and increase compliance and auditing records

Automation of remuneration review and reminder notifications

Extensive remuneration reports available to support remuneration modelling and forecasting

Automatic uploading of remuneration increases of both salaried and waged employees

Ability to capture any type of remuneration or rewards including non-paid benefits

Ability to automatically calculate any backpay owing


Zambions advanced, fully integrated reporting functionality provides managers with access to all the information they require to undertake reviews, including fixed pay, superannuation and allowances, performance ratings, variable pay, budget allocation and spend to budget data. Our unique point-in-time reporting engine allows remuneration reports to be printed “as at” a specific point in time which means you have access to relevant remuneration data for comparative purposes to support remuneration and bonus review processes.


Any changes made to employee remuneration details, whether that be their salary, wages, bonus, STI, LTI or commission components, is time and date audit stamped along with the name of the person that made the change. Zambion can also be set so that any changes made to remuneration requires a second or even third tier level approval. This ensures data integrity and provides a fully compliant and transparent audit trail. Full history of changes made can be viewed with a click of the button from the Staff Details page so you can see at a glance the employee’s remuneration progress along with the date effective.


Notifications regarding the remuneration review process can be posted on the employees Kiosk Home Page and also sent via email through Zambion. Review letters can also be attached to the employees file with a single drag and drop motion and can be made accessible to the employee from the Staff Details page (optional). Furthermore, Zambion can be set to automatically notify employees if changes have been made to any of their remuneration components throughout the year.


Uploading pay increases is made simple with Zambion’s smart import functionality. Simply follow our easy-to-use import option to upload your spreadsheet and Zambion will add the salary and wage increases as at the effective date and automatically recalculate timesheets and payslips accordingly.


Zambion’s customisable Staff Details page allows you to add user-defined fields to capture any type of remuneration information. For example, an employee’s remuneration package may consist of a salary, company car, mobile phone, laptop, and bonus component. These fields can be added to the Staff Details page, along with the value and any reference notes you wish to add which means you always have relevant, accurate information on hand.