Performance Appraisals


Zambion’s customisable online performance appraisal system eliminates the painstaking manual administrative processes from the performance review cycle and provides you with valuable insight and analysis on employee performance and engagement. Our fully integrated single database solution means you can view the full picture of your employee’s performance throughout the year in just one easy report. With our cloud-based software it’s never been easier to help support your managers to provide employees the feedback, direction and development they need to excel in their role.


Because Zambion is an integrated single database solution Performance Appraisals become a lot easier. Just print out an Employee Report to retrieve all Performance Management, Compliments and Complaints, Training, Accidents, Staff Notes, in one easy report so you have a full picture of how the staff member performed. You can even print out last year’s Appraisals and use that as a starting point for the current year.


Zambion's Performance Appraisals are not deleted. They are stored in Zambion forever. This means that you can compare previous year’s performance ratings with the current year to ensure your staff are moving in the right direction! Whatsmore, different staff can have different appraisal templates as well as different appraisers.


Different staff can have different appraisal templates as well as different appraisers. Appraisal questions are customisable and can be setup to have open ended questions as well as rating scales and weightings. Appraisal final scores can be shown as a percentage or as a comment.


All appraisal entries are date and time audit stamped along with the person who made the change. Appraisers can be setup to see / manage as few or as many employees as desired making Zambion Appraisals secure and confidential.

Zambion’s powerful cloud-based performance management software provides you with the tools to simplify and streamline your performance appraisal process. Whether on the road, or in the office, reviews are able to be accessed and completed online anywhere, anytime and with real-time reporting, you can track the status of Performance Appraisals and review results with just a few clicks!


  • Customised Performance Appraisals for all levels of positions able to be created
  • Automated grading able to be set based on grading and performance requirements
  • Employees are able to rate their own performance, provide explanations and set future goals
  • Easily track the status of performance appraisals and keep employees and managers on track with automatic email reminder notifications
  • Unlimited review cycles are able to be administered as frequently as required, including annually, six-monthly, on-demand, or in line with trial or probationary periods
  • Previous performance appraisals are able to be accessed instantly to easily review past performance and progress
  • Online, paperless system means managers spend significantly less time on administration of the Performance Appraisal process
  • Reports with meaningful data are able to be viewed and downloaded
  • Role based security so managers only access their own teams Performance Appraisals
  • Store and access all your performance appraisal documentation in one secure place

With our single, easy-to-use system, setting and tracking measurable goals and engaging your employees with self-reviews is now a simple process. There is no limit to the number or level of performance review templates you can have and core performance requirements that are required of all employees such as Health & Safety and company-wide KPI’s and goals are easily added to all templates.

With our automated grading based on question weightings, managers or administrators will never have to manually work out an employee performance review grading again. Whatsmore, detailed reports identifying top performers, performance rating comparisons and training needs are available to provide in-depth insight and analysis on employee performance.