Payroll Software

Zambion is a state of the art advanced web based Payroll Software that is Tax Office compliant, intuitive, intelligent, and easy to use with integrated Rostering, HR, Leave, Time and Attendance modularities. Zambion has been in the payroll arena for over 10 years and is the leading HRIS single solution provider. This means that you only need to deal with one company for support and legislative payroll questions. What’s more, Zambion Payroll has been developed by continuous customer feedback so its design is smart, logical, secure, robust, and will easily fit into your business adding value from staff efficiencies to hard bottom line savings. The best part is that you will no longer need paper time sheets!


  • IRD Compliant
  • Backpay Calculator
  • Multiple Pay Points
  • Local support
  • GL Integration
  • Leave Movement Reporting
  • Dept of Statistics Reporting
  • KiwiSaver Compliance
  • One-off Special / On Demand One Off Pays
  • Expense Claims
  • Electronic Direct Crediting to all Major NZ Banks
  • Cross Reporting Between Countries and Departments
  • Unlimited Number of Employees
  • Cross-hire Between Companies
  • Time Clocks (Optional)
  • 350+ Reports Including Costings, Journal, Pay Sheets and more
  • and much more...

Staff can use the free Zambion App from their mobile phones and tablets to view their payslips, timesheets, and expense claims. They can also apply for leave, update their details and much more. Mobile devices and touch are the future and Zambion is right there leading the way!


Mobile devices and Touch have been the forefront of technology for a number of years and Zambion is right there. We have invested heavily in this area and will continue to do so. Not only do we offer the ability for staff to apply for leave, view rosters, manage their timesheet, update their details, submit expense claims, and more, we also offer managers the ability to approve timesheets, manage rosters, view reports, and communicate with staff, to name just a few. Furthermore, Payroll staff can now use the App to process their payroll making Zambion a truly mobile People Management Solution!


Zambion is an integrated software solution. This means that numerous reports can be produced that combine the various areas of Zambion such as Timesheets, Payroll, HRM, Leave, and Rosters. Being an integrated single solution you only need to deal with one company for support and legislative payroll questions.


Zambion offers unparalleled visibility across multiple departments, physical branches and even multiple countries. You can access Zambion via the internet from anywhere in the world. In terms of control, Managers can be given customisable access and authority over multiple areas of an organisation. Changes are time stamped to whoever made the change and can be audited. Finally, reporting through Zambion’s use of a single database means integrated reporting between Payroll and Time and Attendance is a standard functionality.

ZAMBION COMPLIANCE (IRD, Holidays Act, Department of Statistics...)

Zambion is fully compliant with the New Zealand Inland Revenue Department (IRD). Zambion is also Holiday Act compliant and has automated rules among others to handle payment of public holidays including determining “what is an otherwise working day”. In addition to this, Zambion has a number of compliance reports available including Department of Statistics, Housing New Zealand, WINZ, and of course the IRD.


Managing KiwiSaver is easy whether Auto Enrolling, Opting Out, or setting up a Contribution. Zambion has the intelligence and rules to be fully compliant with KiwiSaver legislation.


New Zealand has some of the most complex leave management legislation in the world. Between the provisions of The Holidays Act and The Parental Leave and Employment Protection Act where do you start? Quite simply you don’t need to, you can leave the compliance to Zambion and get on with doing what you do best. With Zambion’s advanced Entitlement Interpretation engine, rate calculation whether it is a daily relevant rate for Sick Leave or a Statutory Holiday, the greater of Average and Ordinary rates for Annual Leave, or any other rate calculation, is fully automated and calculated for you.


Zambion has interfaces to many general ledger and ERP systems. If we do not currently have an interface to your general ledger or ERP system, we will create one for you at no additional cost.


If you are using time clocks or staff/managers are submitting/approving electronic timesheets, payroll staff no longer need to manually enter paper timesheet information. Additionally, Zambion also facilitates bulk upload of deductions and payments via Microsoft Excel which also reduces data entry time. Along with a few other time saving functions the amount of data that needs to be manually entered at payroll time is dramatically reduced resulting in staff efficiencies and cost savings.


One of the most popular payroll tools is our Backpay Calculator. This is an automated tool where you only need to enter in the start date of the back pay and Zambion will calculate and then display all the pay elements that need to be updated. Approval only takes a few minutes and once completed the back pay can be processed in the next pay run, or in a special pay of its own. Zambion’s Backpay Calculator makes life easy!


Zambion is secure and protected with a Full Strength SSL 256bit encryption. Furthermore, all our servers are located in the country within secure telehousing facilities. This means that Zambion is bound by New Zealand Privacy Laws. We also own all our servers which means that your personal data stays with us. For more information take a look at our Security Policy and Privacy Policy.


One of the cool things with Zambion is how it enables HR and Finance to work together. A good example of this is when new staff are entered into Zambion. New employee details like bank account, tax number, pay rate(s), and so on can be entered by HR and set to “double approve”. This means that these key details will not go through to payroll until Finance approves this information. Zambion then date / time audit stamps the details, along with who entered and approved the details - keeping the auditors happy!


Another neat function of Zambion is the option to send out payroll related reports to managers/stakeholders with a single click of a button. For example, Costing Reports can be sent to managers before payroll is finalised allowing them to check that their cost centre expenses are correct. Another example is that at the end of the payroll, third party stake holders such as Unions, Southern Cross, or even the business owners, can be emailed their reports with one click, without the need to download them first and attach them to an email client like Outlook.


Zambion is able to process an unlimited number of payment and deduction types, including payments to an unlimited number of employee bank accounts if required. Bulk upload of payments and deductions can be easily done via Microsoft Excel. Zambion’s deduction and payment facility is very functional and because Zambion architecture is truly date driven, payments and deductions can be entered in advance. This means that if you receive a deduction letter from the IRD, WINZ, Housing New Zealand and so on, you can enter those immediately!


Zambion can easily automate a company’s superannuation contributions including KiwiSaver, Aon, AMP and so on. For example, some super schemes are based on the staff’s taxable gross and will increase depending on the staff members' contribution until a specified ceiling is reached. Also, the company’s super contribution can be based on certain pay elements such as ordinary hours, licenses and acting payments, but could exclude overtime and uniform allowances. Zambion automation of these calculations makes managing superannuation easy!

General Ledger and Cost Codes

An integral part of any Payroll process is assigning the various pay elements to their appropriate cost and account codes. Zambion simplifies this as well as providing the ability to use Custom Rules and Smart Defaults for those trickier situations.


Zambion uses ProcedureMap technology to drive the payroll software process. This provides structure and allows each part of the process to be secure and auditable. Additionally, specified report groups can be assigned to the various payroll process stages. This simplifies payroll as staff do need to hunt through layers of reports to find the ones that they commonly use. As a result the payroll process can easily be picked up by “back up” staff. Furthermore, sensitive areas of payroll can be separated from the core. For example, senior management payroll can be run independently from the core payroll, but both can be combined in specific reports for tax legislation purposes.


Security is paramount in Zambion. As well as being able to grant employees access to the payroll process and reporting, access can be granted to only specific areas of the payroll process, or a specific type of payroll process. A common example of this may be where one employee is responsible for processing the general payroll for all staff, except senior management, due to sensitivity. Access can then be granted to a second employee who can process the senior management team payroll, or the processing of this payroll may be outsourced to Zambion to process on your behalf.


There are certain conditions where a choice is available between recording Annual Leave in Days or Hours and some conditions where Hours only must be used. Zambion is able to seamlessly and automatically transition between Hours and Days where certain customisable conditions are met. This might be due to an employee transferring between departments and changing from fixed hours to variable hours as an example. Furthermore, all accruals for fixed hour and variable hour employees are displayed in a concise, statement styled, Leave Balance Ledger showing the detail of the accrual for each period.


With Zambion there is no limit to the number of leave types that can be managed. As well as all the normal Sick, Bereavement, Maternity, Alternative and Annual Leave to name a few, custom leave types can be added that are driven by custom rules. Long Service Leave where employees are granted additional leave after a qualifying period, or Shift Leave for employees who work shift work are just some examples of leave types that can be added.


Zambion is compliant in a number of countries which means companies can run payrolls from a central location, reducing the need to have payroll staff in multiple locations. Additionally, large payrolls can easily be separated into smaller processing groups and run at different dates (i.e. a company with a fortnightly payroll can be split into two groups allowing payroll teams to process half the company one week and the other half the following week) and if required, the whole company can be reported on.


Zambion pay slips are rich with information. As well as displaying all the standard earnings details, custom comments can be entered against payments or deductions to give staff a more detailed explanation. For example “Quarterly Sales Bonus (congratulations 23% above budget is an impressive result)”. Additionally, year to date information, including taxable and non-taxable earnings, tax, deductions, superannuation contributions and leave balances, can also be shown on the pay slip. Furthermore, pay slips can be viewed on mobile devices or emailed directly to staff in PDF format with the option of having a password. Alternatively, an email message can be sent saying “Your July 31 pay slip has been published. Please view online”. The transparency of information that can be included on payslips significantly reduces the amount of pay queries that HR/Payroll receives.


Payroll data information can be easily exported from Zambion. For example, all payroll payslip information can be exported to Microsoft Excel, then using Excel’s “auto filter”, data analysis can be quickly performed. That is all Time and One Half payments can be filtered, all laundry allowances filtered and so on. Zambion also provides various importing facilities. For example, commission and other types of payments can easily be "bulk" imported from Microsoft Excel.


Zambion provides a rich base of payroll software reports as standard, however if there is a special report you need, just let us know and we’ll add it for you at no cost. Payroll software reporting can be produced in either PDF, Excel, or Word which allows our clients to enjoy the integrity of the PDF format with the convenience of being able to produce reports in Microsoft Excel and copy the data directly into other reporting or applications. Zambion’s single database also means custom reporting combining payroll software data with time and attendance data can be achieved providing valuable analytical reports that are not available from standard payroll software.


Zambion has the intelligence to automatically handle the proration of most payments, allowances, and salary amounts for new joiners. Additionally, Zambion has a “one-click” termination process that will calculate and prorate the required pay and leave elements to easily process terminations.