Payroll Document Management

Zambion's secure, online Document Management functionality with our simple drag and drop navigation makes the storage and retrieval of payroll related documents easy. Employee documents such as IRD Letters, Court Fines, Child Support deduction letters, Special Tax Rates and Employment Agreements are easily attached to employee records and at all times you have full control over what documents employees and managers can see. Medical Certificates are also able to be attached directly to Leave applications for easy reference and review. With unlimited storage and 7 years of full document history online, managing your payroll related documents and providing auditable trails is effortless.

At A Glance

Unlimited number of documents can be stored

Certain documents can be made available to staff

Certain documents can be made available to line managers

7 years of full document history available online

Documents can easily be grouped and categorised

Drag and drop navigation


Attachments such as Word, Excel, PDF or scanned images and documents are able to be attached to employee and position records with a simple drag and drop function. Employment agreements, deductions (IRD, Special Tax Rates, Court Fines etc), ACC letters, copies of work permits, licences, qualifications, and remuneration review letters can all be attached. You have full control over what documents employees and managers can see.


Sick Leave Certificates as well as and other related leave documents can be uploaded to the applicable leave request and then instantly retrieved. Not only does this save on paper it means that when your auditors ask for a specific sick leave certificate you know it is only a few mouse clicks away!

electronic time sheets


Expense claim receipts, travel documents, approval emails can easily be uploaded to the respective claim in Zambion. This means all the documents relating to an Expense Claim can be kept in the one place and can easily be downloaded if needed.


Simply drag-and-drop the staff member’s contract into Zambion and have it on record forever. You can also allow staff, managers, or seniors to be able to download the contract.


Documents relating to staff salary incentives or any other staff related field (i.e. tax number, tax code changes) can be easily uploaded into Zambion.