Zambion’s clever onboarding tools support you in ensuring that new employees feel like they are part of the team and productive from day one. Imagine having automated notifications being sent to key people advising them of new starts, policy documents with electronic acknowledgement and important information ready and waiting for them on their first day, or even before they start, without you having to lift a finger. Zambion’s onboarding tools make this all possible and will help ensure your employees feel welcomed and involved in your company from their first day onwards.

Onboarding Features at a Glance

  • Streamlined onboarding processes which reduce paperwork and improve compliance
  • Ability to post Welcome Messages, Employee Handbooks, Policies and Induction material to the employees Kiosk Home Messages Page seamlessly and automatically
  • Induction training can be automatically assigned and scheduled for new employees
  • Induction Training completion status can be tracked and reported on
  • Company Policies can be automatically assigned and shown on the employees Kiosk with the ability to record electronic receipt, acknowledgement and agreement.
  • Automatic Monthly review reminders able to be sent to managers and HR
  • All onboarding documents located in one secure place, including policy documents, employment agreements, induction checklists, employee handbooks and training course information
  • Automated reminders are able to be sent to managers and employees regarding the induction process and new employee set-up requirements


The Kiosk Home page is the first page your new employee sees when they log into Zambion. This page is the central communication hub of Zambion and is where all your messages, documents, notifications and tasks will appear for your new employee. On this page you can post a warm welcome message, add onboarding actions they need to complete, and show important documents such as Policies, Induction Check Lists and Employee Handbooks which can all be viewed and downloaded from one central secure location.


Once the details of a new employee has been added into Zambion, a myriad of different automatic workflow notifications can be sent to key people such as the employees manager, finance, IT and HR. These notifications are tailored specifically to your business and the text and receivers of notifications can be easily updated at any time. This streamlined process happens naturally and helps ensure a smooth start on the employees first day and beyond.


Using our Policy Documents area you can nominate policies as being mandatory for all staff, departments, designations or individuals. This means that if a new employee falls into any of the policy document categories that have been set, the policy will automatically show on the employee’s Kiosk Home page and electronic employee receipt, acknowledgement and agreement can be recorded as part of your induction process. This means you only have to set up a policy document once and can be confident that the employee has all the company policy documents they need in one secure location. Whatsmore, updates to policy documents are easily communicated via the Kiosk Home Page ensuring your employee always has the latest information available.


Monthly reminders can be automatically sent to the employees manager and HR to remind them to have review discussions with their employees as part of their induction process or trial period if applicable. All of these reminders are based on the employees start date, so once an employee has been entered into the system, Zambion schedules and sends the reminders for you, so no more manual scheduling into your calendar required!

Help new employees feel an immediate sense of connection with your organisation which keeps on going.

The onboarding experience can have a significant impact on an employee’s future with a company and the experience doesn’t just end after day one. Zambion’s onboarding tools help ensure a smooth start even before their first day and that they don’t get forgotten one month, 3 months, 6 months, a year down the track!


Induction and onboarding training requirements are easily managed using our Zambion Training Management module. Often there will be a number of training items such as Health and Safety, Code of Conduct, Emergency Procedure training which need to be completed as part of the onboarding process. In Zambion, you can nominate any number of courses as being mandatory and it will then automatically assign those courses to any new starters, with reminder notifications automatically sent to the employee and their manager that the training needs to be completed. Completion of induction training can be easily tracked and reported on using our Training Reports or within the Training Management module itself.