Leave Management Software

Zambion’s leave facility is extremely easy to use. It is intelligent, functional, compliant and very flexible. A key differentiator of Zambion’s Leave Management software is that it is very transparent and has clear audit trails. What's more, companies can establish and enforce the rules for all of their leave policies and build the desired workflows to ensure leave requests are managed correctly.

At A Glance

  • New Zealand Holiday's act compliance
  • Leave can be expired and staff emailed if not used within a certain timeframe (i.e TIL)
  • Automatic conversion when staff switch between hours/days and vice versa
  • Routing of leave requests and approvals can be customised based on business processes
  • Staff can enter/apply for future leave via our smart “projection” calculator
  • Rules can be easily added to ensure that leave is used as per company policy
  • NZ Holiday's Act compliant Casual Sick Leave accruals based on work patterns
  • Automated "Otherwise working day" intelligence
  • Staff can apply for leave online via their computers/phones with our App
  • Unlimited number of Leave Ledgers and Leave Types
  • End of month leave reporting, movement and exporting to general ledger
  • Leave can be measured in hours, days, or weeks
  • 7 years of full auditable leave history
  • Seamless roster, timesheet, payroll integration
  • Transparent and ease to use
  • Certificates and documents can be scanned and attached to leave requests


The Leave Calendar is a very popular tool that is available to staff that shows a full year's booked and pending leave in one simple view. When planning for leave, staff can see at a glance any leave that has already been booked by their colleagues. Black-out dates can also be applied during busy and holiday periods so that staff can not apply for leave during this time.


The Leave Balance Ledger is a visual tool in Zambion's Leave Management software that allows staff to view at a glance historical and future leave increases, accruals, and leave consumption information with a running balance total. By entering a future date into the leave ‘projection’ calculator the ledger will display the available balance taking into account pending and booked leave. The Leave Balance Ledger utilises colours to differentiate between pending leave, booked leave, accruals, increases and so on. The benefit here is that this provides you with transparent and accurate information for leave accruals and consumption. As many systems only show the total accrual, outstanding, and in advance for the year, Zambion takes it a step further by actually showing the detail behind the accrual and consumptions in the Leave Balance Ledger. This means you always have clear, concise information on how Leave has been accrued and at what rate. What’s more, Zambion is able to add in your leave policy and business rules into the heart of the leave work flow enabling Zambion to align with your company's leave policy.


Custom Leave rules are a powerful feature that allows you to add your business rules directly into the heart of the Leave process enabling Zambion to align with your company's leave policy.


Zambion’s Leave Management software allows you to customise the leave approval process to match your workflow and approval policies. Zambion can manage anything from simple processes such as staff entering their leave directly into timesheets; to one over one approval where the manager approves employees in their own team; to a more complex model where the manager may recommend the approval to a second or even third tier approver.


There is no limit to the number of ledgers and leave types that can be managed. In addition to Annual, Sick, Bereavement, Maternity, Alternative, Time Off in Lieu (TOIL) and Long Service Leave, custom leave types can be added that are driven by custom rules. Leave can be measured in Hours, Days, or Weeks to suit your needs.


Each leave request is tracked and an audit stamp recorded against each step of the leave application process, with up to seven years history of leave activity available to view online. Managers have three filtering options to choose from when viewing leave activity (by application status, employee, or date) so the information they are viewing is always relevant. Leave status is also colour coded for ease of reference, for example, Red = Pending Request, Green = Approved and Purple = Pending Cancellation.


Zambion’s advanced Leave Accrual functionality provides you with transparent and accurate information for leave accruals. Many systems only show the accrual increase in each period, Zambion takes it a step further by actually showing the detail behind the accrual in the Leave Balance Ledger. This means you always have clear, concise information on how Leave has been accrued and at what rate.


Company policy and the New Zealand Holidays Act legislation can sometimes dictate that certain types of unused leave will expire if not used within the set timeframes. Zambion™ can accommodate this requirement by automatically notifying staff beforehand by email (i.e. 4 weeks before expiry) that a nominated amount of their leave will expire. This significantly reduces the amount of time spent on manually managing leave with expiry dates such as Alternative Leave or Time Off In Lieu (TOIL) days.

Staff can apply for Leave using their mobile phone by downloading the free Tablet and Mobile App!

When managers are away on business trips, they can still continue to approve Leave Requests and approve Timesheets from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection! Zambion supports a truly mobile workforce.


Applying for leave that crosses Public Holidays and OFF days is a seamless operation in Zambion's Leave Management Software. All that is required is for the staff member to enter the start and end date of the leave request and Zambion will automatically determine which days are Public Holidays and OFF days and not apply Leave on those days.


Special leave is a process that is available to allow the normal rules to be over-ridden in special circumstances. This process is often used where an employee has used all their leave entitlement and is requesting additional leave due to extraordinary circumstances. Zambion can be set up to manage Special Leave based on your individual business requirements.


Approved leave, along with the type and duration of leave, is clearly shown on all timesheets and rosters. Colours are used to visually differentiate the various leave items (i.e. Annual Leave = Green, Sick Leave = Yellow). Pending leave is also overlaid on rosters and coloured purple to aid you with roster planning. This is also another quick way that you can see if any leave is outstanding and yet to be approved.


Zambion’s intelligent reporting software provides you with an extensive array of Leave Reports that are packed with relevant and valuable information. Leave can be reported in a number of ways including valuation, consumption, exception, movement, cost centre and much more. With Zambion’s end to end solution including Time & Attendance data, leave reporting covers a broader spectrum than standard payroll software leave reports and is more meaningful than ever before.