HR Reporting

Zambion’s powerful analytical capabilities provide you with all the information you need to better understand and manage employee performance and its business impact. Trends can be easily identified and information is able to be scheduled and shared with Managers, allowing issues to be identified and addressed quickly before they become a problem. With over 350 reports, information from all our modules (including HR, Payroll, Rostering and Time & Attendance) can be collated together in a single report that can be set ‘as at’ a userspecified date in time. This means that information rich reports can be produced and can capture any type of data you require. For example, if you wanted to know how many people were employed, their gender and pay rate at a certain date in time, this can easily be extracted from Zambion with a few clicks of a button. Whether you want basic reporting, detailed analysis, dashboard views or trends highlighted, we have it covered.


  • Web Based
  • User Friendly Graphical Interface
  • Secure
  • Easily Assign Reports to Managers
  • Automated Scheduler for Email Delivery
  • Supports Graphs and Charts
  • Automated scheduler for email delivery
  • Reports easily manipulated once downloaded
  • Point In Time Reporting
  • Head Count, Staff Movement, and Leave Movement Reports
  • Custom Reports are Normally Built at No Charge
  • Report Across Countries, Regions, and Departments
  • Complex report configurations to support business requirements
  • Year-On-Year Reports
  • Export to PDF, Excel, Word
  • New Reports are Continually Being Added

Beautiful reports providing you with intelligent and timely information is all part of our service to you.


Whether you want to know the company’s leave liability status, analyse employee turnover, review maternity leave retention, staff tenure or workforce demographics, Zambion’s comprehensive tool box of reports provides you with all the detailed information you need with just a few clicks.


HR analytics can be accessed in real time from anywhere, on any device. Reports can be generated from the main Zambion system or from the Manager Self Service Kiosk and can be produced manually, scheduled to run at regular intervals, or triggered to run on an event such as the closing of a payroll process.


With Zambion’s advanced reporting features, you’ll never have to worry about the security of confidential information. Managers only see the reports they have been authorised to view, and their access is restricted to their assigned workgroups/departments only by default. This means you can assign managers reports without worrying they are accessing sensitive information across departments and the business.

With over 350 reports currently available, operational reports with pre-defined metrics and analytics are able to be easily extracted and if a custom report is required, this can usually be built at no-charge. Report categories at a glance include:

  • Accident and Incident Reports
  • Cost Code Reports
  • Deduction Reports
  • Head Count Reports
  • Staff Movement Reports
  • Hours Reports
  • HR Event Summary Reports
  • HRM Reports
  • Leave Reports
  • Roster vs Payroll Reports
  • Payroll Reports
  • Roster Reports
  • Leave Management
  • Staff Tenure Reports
  • Time Clock Reports
  • Leave Movement Reports
  • Time and Attendance Reports
  • Timesheet Reports
  • Training & Development Reports
  • Workforce Analytics and Demographics

Zambion’s fully integrated and seamless software solution means that information from all our modules can be collated together in a single report that can be set ‘as at’ a user-specified date in time providing you with information rich reports to support you in making informed business decisions across the board.

And because Zambion is a totally integrated solution you can draw information from HRM, Leave, Timesheets, Payroll into a single report, quickly, and seamlessly.