Expense Claims

The Expense Claim facility in Zambion is easy to use, flexible and very popular with all levels of staff. With its customisable, multi-tiered approval process and ability to attach receipts, Zambion's online Expense Claims process can significantly reduce the approval process time and eliminate manual paperwork. It's no wonder it's one of our customers favourite Zambion tools to use.

At A Glance

  • Attach scanned receipts / documents to claims
  • Staff can easily access historic Expense Claims
  • Staff can monitor the progress of their Claims online or via Email
  • Seamlessly integrates to Payroll
  • Ability to attach receipts
  • Supports Multiple Currencies
  • Can run as part of payroll or as a separate process
  • Electronic Payment Slips available online for up to 7 years
  • Easy to use
  • Multi-tier approval process
  • General Ledger integration
  • Transparent and auditable
  • Mileage, Per Diems, Entertainment, Flights, and General Expenses
  • Rules can be utilised such as mileage rates for pre / post tax thresholds


Zambion offers a multi-tier Expense Claim approval process that can be set to match the workflow approval process and policy requirements of your business. Receipts are easily able to be attached to Expense Claims thereby eliminating paperwork, and staples! Throughout the approval process, employees and approvers are notified internally via automated emails and hyperlinks on the approvers Zambion Home Page.


Zambion Expense Claim information can be easily exported to General Ledger and 3rd party software. This is a natural and seamless process and natively includes support for Xero, SAP, MYOB, F2, Accpac to name just a few.


Zambion can handle Expense Claims in multiple currencies and can easily import exchange rates from a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet. Occasionally exchange rate values may need to be manually overridden in an Expense Claim. If this occurs, Zambion will highlight the exchange rate changes in red, visually notifying approvers of this change.

Approval Process


Depending on the type of Expense Claim that the staff member selects, Zambion has up to five core Expense Claim tabs that can be utilised: General Expenses; Mileage; Entertainment; Per Diems; and Flight Details. Additional tabs can also be added on request. Occasionally the GST portion or exchange rate values may need to be manually changed. If this occurs, Zambion will highlight the appropriate cell on the Expense Claim visually notifying approvers of this change.


Zambion provides the ability to simplify the number of account codes that an employee can assign to an Expense Claim by using the concept of Expense Claim types. You could think of Expense Claim Types as a subset of account codes relating to a specific type of claim. Common Expense Claim types that are currently being used are General Expenses, Entertainment, Duty Travel, Petty Cash Reimbursement, and Mileage.


There are a number of Expense Claim reports available in Zambion, however the ones that are commonly used by our customers are the Expense Claim Detailed Report which shows all the individual expense items claimed, who is claiming them, the amount, cost and account codes etc, and the Expense Claim Summary Report which is a report grouped by account and cost code. The most common format of these reports are Microsoft Excel and PDF format.


In the same way that Payroll and Special Pays are managed, Expense Claim payment slips are stored in the staff's Pay Slip area where they will be available to view online for a minimum of seven years. In addition, when the Expense Claims have been published, a PDF Expense Claim, depending on the company's and staff's preference, can be emailed. Alternatively, a plain email with a message notifying staff that "A new Expense Claim Pay Slip is availableā€ can be sent.

General Ledger and Cost Codes

An integral part of any Expense Claim process is assigning the various Expense Claim items to their appropriate cost and account codes. Zambion simplifies this for staff by using a combination of Expense Claim Types, Custom Rules and Smart Defaults. Although, if for some reason the account or cost codes need changing, Finance staff can easily modify the claim without the need for the original staff member having to change and resubmit the claim all over again.