Employee Communication and Engagement

Our New Zealand workforce is increasingly becoming more decentralised, with employees often spread out over multiple locations throughout the country. The ability to communicate with and engage a remote workforce is key to ensuring a high performance workplace and Zambion's communication modules can help support you in ensuring both your on-site and off-site staff feel like they are an integral part of your business. Whatsmore, by using our Zambion App, mobile phone communications are FREE - no more SMS costs!

Employee Communication At a Glance

Roster Change Notifications

Leave Applications

Staff Details

Notification and Alerts

Meetings Management

Staff Messaging

Exit Surveys

Induction Surveys

Health and Safety


At the heart of Zambion's communication tools, lies the Zambion Home Messages page. This is the page that every employee will see each time they log into their Self Service Kiosk. This page can show announcements, tasks they have been assigned to do, policy documents, staff surveys, personalised thank you messages etc. Zambion also provides the ability to track when an employee has read a message or document and can ask for confirmation that they have read, signed and understood a document. Perfect for auditing purposes and for handling those employees who say they didn't read or receive any information!


Want to implement a Staff Satisfaction Survey? No problem! Ask your employees what they think of a proposed change in the business? Easy done! With our Staff Surveys module, you can create customised survey questionnaires for your staff to involve them in the decision making process. Surveys can be anonymous or not - your choice. When your employees log into their Kiosk they will instantly see that they have a survey that needs completing. You can then track survey completion statuses and you will have access to comprehensive Survey reports, which include graphical data, to help you make informed business decisions. Canvassing employee's opinions and getting feedback has never been easier!


You can really get to know your people with our customisable Staff Details tab. In addition to capturing comprehensive employee information such as personal details, remuneration, position history, fixed-term expiry dates, licences and qualifications, you can also add additional fields to capture information about your employee such as their favourite drink, type of movies they like, or any other information you may find useful. Knowing your team members and having the right type of information at the right time all contribute towards your employees feeling valued and more engaged in your business.


With our Notifications and Alerts functionality you will never miss an important HR or employee related event again. Automated email notifications and alerts can be sent to managers/users notifying them of events such as Trial Period Reviews, Long Service Leave due, Work Visa expiration dates, Training Renewal dates and any other events you would like to be notified of.

Communicating with your team just got easier! Say good-bye to SMS charges! Use our Zambion Two-Way Communication App to send roster change notifications, notifications of new shifts, leave approval messages, and any other text messages to staff for FREE!


Zambion offers the ability to record minutes of meetings directly in the system, or you can attach a copy of your minutes and any related documentation with a simple drag and drop function. Notifications of scheduled meetings can be sent to attendees and actions can be assigned and tracked online. Any type of meeting can be captured such as Health & Safety Committee Meetings, Management Meetings, Work Group Meetings - the options are limitless. Employees can also be sent Minutes of Meetings which are instantly available on their Kiosk and you can track when Minutes have been read and downloaded. Ease of communicating meeting actions and outcomes has been taken to a whole new level!


With our Staff Messaging module you can send messages to staff via the Kiosk, Email or Text Messaging function. Messages can be sent to individuals, whole departments, groups, by designation, or to all employees at once. Communicating with your diverse workforce has never been more simple!

Leave Applications

Communicating the status of Leave Applications is made easy with Zambion’s online Leave Management system. Staff simply enter the dates they wish to take leave online using their mobile phone, tablet or PC and they can add comments or attach a document to the Leave request if they wish. This then automatically sends a leave request to their manager who can either approve or decline the leave, or depending on your leave approval workflow requirements, recommend the leave for approval or decline to a second or even third tier approver. The entire leave application process is automated with communication sent to staff and managers via email at every stage of the process so your staff always know the status of their Leave application without having to ask their Manager or Payroll/HR!


Zambion’s ultra-clever Staff Finder tool makes filling vacant shifts a breeze! No more making endless phone calls trying to find someone to fill a shift. Communicate the easy way and send a message to multiple staff at once. Zambion will automatically show you which staff are available and qualified to do the shift. You choose who you want to send the vacant shift option to, click the send button and Zambion does the rest! Now you can go and have that cup of coffee while the shift gets automatically filled. If more than one staff reply yes to working the shift, Zambion will assign the shift to the first person who replied yes and send an SMS confirmation back to let them know they have been assigned the shift. Zambion will also notify the unsuccessful people that the shift has already been filled! Just think of all those things you can now achieve with the extra time you have!