HR Document Management

Zambion's Document Management functionality with our simple drag and drop navigation makes the storage and retrieval of documents easy. The number of documents that can be stored is unlimited and secure, so you can be confident in making the move to reduce the amount of HR paperwork that needs filing! All our servers operate from within New Zealand and your documents are protected with secure Full Strength SSL encryption.

At A Glance

Unlimited number of documents can be stored

Certain documents can be made available to staff

Certain documents can be made available to line managers

7 years of full document history available online

Documents can easily be grouped and categorised

Drag and drop navigation


Attachments such as Word, Excel, PDF or scanned images and documents are able to be attached to employee and position records with a simple drag and drop function. Employment agreements, deductions (IRD, Special Tax Rates, Court Fines etc), ACC letters, copies of work permits, licences, qualifications, and remuneration review letters can all be attached. You have full control over what documents employees and managers can see.


Store, control and communicate all your Policy Documents from one secure location. Policy documents and updates are easily circulated via the Kiosk Home Messages page. Employee receipt, acknowledgement and agreement of any documents sent can also be recorded as part of your employee induction and audit trail processes.


Our Standard Documents Module provides storage, version control and easy access for documents that are frequently used by Managers and Senior Staff throughout the organisation. Standard Documents can be added into customer defined categories such as user manuals, training documents, HR templates, and recruitment templates etc. There is no limit to the type and category of document stored and documents are easily found using our filter and search functionality.


Minutes of Meeting documents can easily be stored and located with our Meetings module. No more having to search through folders to find Minutes when your manager or the auditor asks for them. Minutes can be categorised into customer-defined types such as Health & Safety, Management Meetings, Committee Meetings etc and our filter function makes locating them a breeze. You can also use our Meetings Module to record your Minutes directly into the system and track completion of resulting actions online, thereby eliminating paperwork completely!